Technology Solutions For A Wide Range Of Electronic Components | Transonics

Transonics PLC has been servicing the electronics industry with reliable and cost effective technology solutions for over 40 years including electronic components, design and logistics services.

Transonics PLC holds 100 million devices across 13,000 product lines at our warehouse located in Leicester UK to service our UK and European customers.

TransonicsPLC offers a range of high quality, competitive, leading edge technologies from established brands and emerging technologies from innovative specialist manufacturers. We provide technology solutions including power supply technology, custom made transformers, cable assembly, kitting and PCBs, coupled with our programming, taping, reeling, kitting and logistics services,

We are able to provide a flexible, cost effective component service to the electronics industry with a tailored approach to customer needs.

Our in-house, technical experts are on hand to discuss all requirements to ensure the most suitable product for your project. Get in touch today to see what products and services Transonics PLC can offer.

Our solutions include: