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Custom transformers

Transonics PLC offers a complete range of PCB and chassis mounted Transformers, Toroids and Chokes together with a custom service.
Our globally recognised suppliers use the latest automated, cost-efficient production lines with the design and manufacturing capabilities to provide custom solutions that meet or exceed customer performance, quality and cost expectations.

Magnetics products available include:

  • Encapsulated Power Transformers
  • Encapsulated Switch-Mode Power Modules
  • Ferrite Switching Transformers 
  • Open Frame Power Transformers
  • Toroids
  • Chassis-mounted Transformers
  • Current Sense Transformers, Chokes, Coils, Inductors

Custom Transformer Capabilities

Transonics can create custom designs to your specifications – capabilities include:
Power transformers for:

  • One or three phases
  • Low to high power
  • Frequencies of 50, 60 and 400 HZ

Based on customer specifications, we offer a variety of solutions utilising numerous configurations and characteristics such as:

  • Chassis mount
  • Angle bracket mount
  • Welded plate mount
  • Printed circuit mount
  • Surface mount technology
  • Sealed transformers
  • High dielectric
  • Low profile
  • Horizontal and vertical design
  • Any unique construction
  • Toroidal power transformer

We utilise special magnetic wire, bobbins, epoxies, tapes and insulation materials to comply with temperature and flammability requirements.

In addition, we offer a flexible range of logistics, including buffer and consignment stock, Kanban and order schedules to ensure customers receive products on time to meet their production schedules. Customer confidence in all products is key and Transonics PLC can provide full device batch tractability on all orders when requested. Orders can also be supplied with a General Certificate of Conformity (GCC).

Transonics PLC have an international client base, for which multiple currency transactions are available depending on client preference and location. Customers can expect consolidated invoicing to reduce the volume of invoices that require processing and improve time efficiency with all orders.

Our in-house product specialists can provide product advice, technical support and design in assistance, guiding you through the selection and design process with practical support whilst our sales and customer services team are dedicated to providing you with unparalleled high levels of service to ensure smooth transactions and answering your questions quickly and efficiently.

Encapulated Transformer