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Iskra Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Written by Kartik Patel

Published on June 12th 2017

ISKRA is a European leading manufacturer of high voltage capacitors and leads the market in Power Factor Correction capacitors. 

This product range encompasses areas such as Single and Multiple phase capacitors, Induction Heating capacitors (Air and Water cooled), Capacitor contactors and control relays.

 With features such as :

  • Self-Healing

  • Integrated Discharge Resistors

  • Over Pressure Disconnectors

We are confident that the technical choice will be Iskra.

Iskra also offers custom solutions integrating multiple capacitors in housings for higher power applications and have an engineering team ready to support your enquiry.

International Approvals Standards IEC 60831-1/2, NEMA CP-1, IEEE Std 18 can be supported.

Enquire today with your own PFC Product requirements. Call: 0845 567 8899 or use our contact form here.

Download the Iskra Capacitor selection guide here.