Device Programming, Marking, Tape and Reeling Services | Transonics

Transonics PLC has teamed with Lewmax Programming Ltd, to provide customers with top quality programming services and solutions.

Founded 25 years ago by the same people who brought Arizona Microchip to the UK, Lewmax Programming is arguably the largest programming house in Europe. They offer customers unique skills and expertise including programming, laser marking, standard and custom reeling requirements.

Lewmax builds its own high speed programming machines and design and manufacture their own socket modules, offering customers cost effective and efficient solutions for all their programming, marking and reeling requirements.

UK based Lewmax Programming Ltd, has an output of 30 million microcontrollers per annum, making it one of the most competitive, quality solutions for device programming, reeling and laser marking services in Europe.

Services include:

  • Device programming
  • Taping and reeling
  • Laser marking
  • Ink dot marking
  • Laser ablation (IP protection)
  • Dry packing and baking
  • Bespoke labelling
  • Carrier tape and reel supplies

To find out more, email or call our team on 0845 567 8899