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ACTUS Smart Power Solutions


The Actus range of power supplies includes a comprehensive portfolio of high quality, high performance, standards compliant power solutions.

The wide choice of form factors and models offers OEMs, CEM,s Dealers and Distributors a cost effective solution with high efficiency, low standby mode consumption and power factor correction.

As the exclusive UK distributor Transonics can offer full technical support and product advice form our dedicated power Specialists together with a range of logistics services to ensure you get the ideal power solution for your application and continued support throughout the product lifecycle.

We can also offer custom or semi-custom alternatives should you need a solution not in our current range - use our Contact page to enquire about a custom solution or take a look at our standard wide range of "Smart" power solutions range on the ACTUS website at www.actuspower.co.uk or call Transonics team on +44(0)1442 28400 or email actus@transonics.com


 The ACTUS range Includes: 

  • Desktop power supplies

  • Interchangeable AC pin power supplies

  • Enclosed power supplies

  • Open frame power supplies

  • DC to DC converters

  • AC to DC PCB mountable PSU

  • Din rail mount power supplies

  • USB output

  • LED drivers

To download the ACTUS Brochure Click Here