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Shenzhen Victors Industrial Co. ltd. design and manufacture a comprehensive range of fuses, fuse holders and circuit breakers. Established in 1999 and based in China, Vicfuse products include Automotive Fuses, Electronic Fuses, Micro Fuses, PICO fuses, Surface Mount Fuses, and thermal cut-offs. Vicfuse offer competitive prices with short lead times along with excellent service and technical support. Vicfuse also develop custom products according to customer’s requirements. For all of your circuit protection needs, make Vicfuse your partner of choice. Your full satisfaction is their promise!
Vicfuse products
  • Automotive Fuses
  • Electronic Fuses
  • Fuse Holders
  • Micro Fuses
  • PICO Fuses
  • Special Fuses
  • Surface Mount Fuses
  • Thermal Cut-offs
Company Approvals: ISO9001, ISO14001

Product Approvals: