Electronic Components

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Ease House Limited are a leading Hong Kong based manufacturer of wound components. Ease House offer standard ‘off the shelf’ products and also supply custom wound components such as switching transformers manufactured according to customers specifications. Founded in 1995 Easehouse have continuously developed their product according to market demand and customers requirements. Today Ease House offer a wide range of high quality wound components including multilayer chip beads, multilayer chip inductors, high frequency chip inductors, SMD power inductors, power transformers, line filters, switching transformers and different types of coils. Ease House offer high quality components at competitive prices with short lead times and excellent service.


Ease House Product range
  • High frequency chip inductors
  • Line filter
  • Multilayer chip inductors
  • Power transformers
  • SMD power inductors
  • Switching transformers
Transonics offer free samples for qualified applications. Please contact Transonics with your wounds requirements, including custom wound components.
Easehouse Approval: ISO 9001:2000, VDE