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Transonics  Plc – Total Component and Logistics Solutions

Transonics Plc, established in 1976, is a leading franchised provider of domestic and international electronic component supply and design solutions.  The company has developed by growth in its core business of component distribution, by acquisition and developing strategic partnerships and have recently relocated our Head Office to a larger facility at Breakspear Park in Hemel Hempstead. 
The Transonics Group includes Transonics PLC, Transonics (Asia), Transonics SRL and Lewmax Programming Ltd.  
Transonics hold 100 million devices across 8000 product lines at our warehouse located in Leicester UK to service our UK and European customers. Services include consignment stocks, dedicated buffer stock, fixed price agreements and cost effective solutions as well as multicurrency transactions.
The real value to our customers is our unique business model and value added services. These include supply and logistic solutions unrivalled anywhere in the UK, with  PCB boards from the makers of the Samsung S4, PCB assembly partnered with chosen CEM’s, electromechanical sub contract manufacturer, unique franchised component line-up and specialist skills, technical and engineering resources providing customised design solutions.  
In addition Lewmax Programming Ltd, founded 20 years ago by the same people who brought Arizona Microchip to the UK, is arguably the largest programming house in Europe. It offers customers unique skills and expertise  including programming, laser marking, standard and custom reeling requirements. Uniquely, Lewmax build our own high speed programming machines and design and manufacture our own socket modules offering customers cost effective and clever solutions for all their programming and manufacturing requirements. 
Talk to us about our multilayer boards requirements and read what our customer say about our quality and service on our website.