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PCB Supplier

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Top 50 PCB Manufacturer exclusively represented by Transonics PLC


With 36 patents for PCB design and manufacturing technologies, we are a world leader in PCB manufacturing.

  • 36 patents for PCB design + manufacturing  technologies
  • 2-48 Layers
  • UL/ CUL / TS16949 / IPC
  • 500,000 sq ft production facility
  • $370 million Sales (2012)
  • 2500 employees
  • 1.2 Billion PCB boards Shipped per Annum


Products include

HDI Boards

Microwave frequency brands

Aluminium, inc buried / blind hole

High density circuit



UK Gerber manipultion services.

UK stock holding.

Low tooling cost

Samples in 7 - 10 days

Production quantities in 4 weeks


For further information Contact Dan Lunn 01442 284722

Or email pcb@transonics.com



    The quality was excellent     




     We were so impressed with the quality, Now Transonics supply all of our PCB's